HI! I'm Arlo! I was just a kid in north Memphis when the people who had me moved away. But they didn't take me with them. Instead I was locked in a shed for nearly a week without food or water. I was really scared and really hungry and thirsty. But a nice lady found me and took me to her house for a few days. Then my foster mom and dad came and got me. I was soooooo happy! I got to run and play with other dogs and snuggle with people. My foster parents taught me how to be a good boy. They also taught me what it was like to be loved. I really love being loved. I also love playing with other dogs and I've met human kids at dog parks and I really like them too. I've been with my foster parents for a few years now, and I wish I could stay here forever, but my oldest dog brother is a grumpy old man and can be hard to get along with. I would love a house where I'm the only dog or in a house without grumpy, bossy dogs. My foster mom and dad tell me I'm hilarious, and that I'm a sweet boy with tons of personality that will make some family very, very happy. I love to make people happy. I'm looking for a forever family that can make me happy too.