Update 6/7/17: Hi there! It’s me, Basil! I’m the brown-eyed girl Van Morrison was singing about. I mean…I could be. I’m cute enough to inspire songs. I am so happy summer is here! I’m spending my days going on car rides, chasing tennis balls and going on walks. I’m even up for going on a run if you are into that. All I ask at the end of the day are two things: treats, all kinds of treats, and a cozy person to cuddle and be close to. 

I love being with people. They make me feel good and they’re fun to hang out with. I like the way they scratch my ears; plus, people are generally my best source of treats. I also like to hang out with other dogs (the more laid back the better) and cats. 

But what’s life without a little variety? I don’t love having my picture taken with a camera phone. They make me nervous. Call me a purist but I think photos should be taken with a full-size camera. Just put me in front of a Nikon and watch me shine! I’m also not a fan of feeling anxious. I mean…who is, really? I like to feel safe & secure. I’m looking for a forever family who feels the same way. Are you my people?

Basil came to us in the Spring of 2014 after her owner suddenly passed away. Now she has found her way back into Streetdog Foundation again, through no fault of her own, and is in need of love, comfort and a forever home. She is a timid girl, unsure of change at first but quickly warms right up! She is so eager to please and so happy to receive love and attention. Basil is about 6 years old, housetrained, cat friendly, dog friendly, and loves all people. She is good on a leash and really likes playing outdoors and can sit on command. She's in a temporary foster home until we can find her something more permanent. and her foster mom says she is just the sweetest! Help us welcome Basil back by sharing her story so we can help her find her forever family! #sdfbasil #adoptable