3/22/17 An update from Belle's foster: Words to describe Belle include sweet, gentle, playful, goofy, and independent. Belle loves people! She will actively try and meet everyone she can on walks. She loves children! She is very patient and docile, but knows how to get excited about food. She loves going on walks in the neighborhood, Shelby Farms, and Overton Park. She enjoys the occasional bay to let you know how happy and excited she is. Belle will be happy with a family that has room in their heart for a special furry friend and a fenced in backyard. 

3/2/17 Belle is a 5-6 year old beagle who was all alone wandering the streets of Memphis. She stumbled upon a school one day full of kids playing just as a parent was picking up her daughter and had one extra seat for Belle in her car so she picked her up and put her in – fleas, ticks and all. Belle has a bad flea allergy and is on the mend from some yucky pre-existing skin problems. She likes other dogs, kids and we think she is even cat friendly as well. We will know more on this in the upcoming days.