Betty Rubble is a sweet old soul who has been on the streets of Memphis for many many years.  Doctors estimate that she is at least 6 years old and was heavily heartworm positive.  She fought through the treatment is living a happy and healthy  life in her wonderful foster home!  

Streetdog was alerted about Betty's circumstances by some employees at a vet's office.  Betty Rubble and her 4 puppies were found in a small cave near some railroad tracks seeking shelter from the cold and rain.  The founders of Streetdog Foundation risked their lives to go into the cave in the middle of the night promising Betty and her four babies that all would be ok.  After a long night, everyone was safely and successfully rescued and taken to the vet's office to get checked out.  Betty has lost 1/2 of tail at some point in her life and most of her teeth but otherwise is in great physical condition.  She gained enough weight to start her heartworm treatment and is currently loving life in her foster home with her foster fur siblings and a human baby foster brother.  

Betty Rubble has the sweetest personality and is gentle. She loves to play and smile and run in the yard.  But most of all she loves to be loved.