Update 2/9/2017: I have been living in a foster home for a while now. It's great! I get to play in the yard and there are always people around who want to snuggle with me. Having all the food and toys I want is so much better than where I came from. I am around 3 years old now and still looking for that forever crash pad. I prefer to be the king of the castle or to have laid back dog friends. My friends at Streetdog have a whole team of volunteers who helped me learn which dogs I like best. They can help you too if you think we are a good match.

I'd been on my own for a while now, living in a wooded area near a nice neighborhood just hoping that someone would notice me.  I went from house to house for what seemed like forever before I came across a group of people who were in town on a 'road trip.'  They noticed me walking their way and immediately scooped me, gave me lots of yummy food and water, and picked off the 100 or so ticks covering my body.  I was so tired from being outside and from those nasty ticks, so they gave me a comfortable place to sleep for the night and told me in the morning they would help me look for my family.  Unfortunately, they said that no one had called to claim me and I didn't have a microchip to tell them where I was from.  They started to call rescue after rescue to no avail , and time was running out because everyone needed to leave that night to drive home.  A few of them said they should just put me back where I came from, but the nicest of the couples said they would not and could not leave me on my own.  This wonderful couple put me in their car and took me back to their home where I met their 3 dogs. 

Over the next couple of days I showed them that I am super smart: I never had one accident, I carried my leash around when I wanted to go on a walk, and sat when they asked me to; everyone was so impressed!  Since I was so handsome and light on my feet they gave a name that fits my larger than life personality: Bruno Mars.  I had to undergo a surgery for an undescended testicle (fellas, it's as painful as it sounds), got neutered and microchipped and am ready to start meeting FOSTER or FOREVER families.  Meeting new doggies is kind of intimidating for me but I have a great team of people who are working with me and cheering me on every step of the way.  I'm about 1/5 years old and weigh 35 lbs.  The vet said I'm not likely to get much bigger than that!  I'm single and ready to mingle---with my new family!!