This is Carl and he is here with a very serious question.... why has he not been adopted yet?! Carl is the last of Marie's pups to find a home, and like his siblings, is absolutely perfect!

Here are the details: 
-He is currently 16 weeks old
-As a Labrador mix pup, we anticipate him to be fairly large as an adult (70-80 lb range)
-He is fully house trained
-Knows basic commands such as sit, stay, & wait
-Gets along well with all other dogs, kids, and cats, though is a little confused why the cats don't want to wrestle with him. 😂
-His favorite hobby is eating! (Which may be his only hobby at this point, given his recent growth spurt! 🍗🍔🌮🍕🍳)

If you're in the market for a handsome lab puppy that already has some basic manners, you know who to contact!