Update 2/9/17: I am now in a foster home that is helping me learn that meeting new people isn't scary. Right now, I do great with people - mainly women - who give me time and space to learn I won't be hurt by them. I am not really comfortable with kids or in a house with a lot of different people coming and going, but I do enjoy have some doggy friends and watching the chickens that live at my foster's house. I also LOVE relaxing in my kiddie pool and playing with toys. I love any toy but my favorites are squeaky balls and ropes. I love them so much, I get the zoomies when I play!

Hi, I'm Cosette. I'll tell you briefly about my life before Streetdog but be warned, it is a sad tale. I have spent my entire short life tied up by a cable cord to a tree in a backyard. One day my "owners" moved and left me behind. I sat in the backyard, tied to that tree for 2 weeks before I was finally able to dig my way underneath the fence to get someone's attention to help me. I couldn't go far because of the cable cord but it was far enough. I cried out to a passerby who was walking their dog and they got me to safety. I was very malnourished, weak and frail. Luckily, kind humans were patient with me and dedicated to getting me the care and attention I need to get better. Since I was rescued, I've put on a bunch of weight, learned about walking on leashes, learned what the inside of a house looks like, am learning to trust all humans and other pups and have learned what TREATS are! Boy do I like treats!!! 

The doctor estimates my age to be between 6-8 months and other than being very skinny initially I'm a healthy girl! i'm currently looking for a long term FOSTER or better yet my FOREVER home. Just look at me cute little face?? How could you not want to love me forever?