Springtime is the right time for love and I have plenty to give. My name is Daisy Mae and I am a sweetheart of a girl. I’m young, healthy and I don’t mind saying it…I’m beautiful! Just look at this face! There’s a heart-shaped silhouette on my nose and I’ve got a beauty mark Madonna would envy.

I’m not just a pretty face with a gorgeous smile though. I’m also friendly with a silly side and a quick mind. I love to play with toys and fetch. I’m trained on a leash and a crate…of course I’m just as happy sitting next to you on the couch or sitting on your lap. My foster mom says I’m the sweetest pup she’s ever had, and she’s been fostering for 15 years so she knows what she’s talking about.

Come and meet me. Look into these beautiful, brown eyes and let’s start this love story. #sdfdaisymae #adoptable