Once upon a time, I was living with a nice man who loved me very much but fell on hard times and was unable to take care of me as much as I needed. I was starting to feel very hungry and a little itchy. Then this man decided to take me to a new home where I now get lots of food, I'm no longer itchy, and I have friends to play with. I am about 1/5 years old, 50lbs full grown and know exactly what to do when I see a leash. I like my crate and car rides. I like cats, kids, dogs and all new humans that I meet once I'm sure that they are going to be friendly to me. I would really love a great forever home with a companion animal I can play with and learn from. I will be attending adoption events in the Memphis area soon so come and meet me!

#sdfdjjazzyjoyce #adoptable