Update on Eliza 11/2/16: Eliza is thriving in her foster home.  She loves to play with the other dogs. Although she is still a little fearful of people, she loves to get pets and love from those she knows well. She has even made some stops on the patio circuit and is doing great! This girl is ready for a forever home!

Henry and Eliza were in a less than awesome situation here in the Memphis area and the Streetdog team stepped in to help.  Both of these dogs have lived their entire short lives on the streets never knowing human comforting touch or affection.   Henry and Eliza were considered feral. Unfortunately before we could get there animal control got there first. But we kept our promise to these sweet pups and followed through with them. They are now in the loving care of Streetdog Foundation and our fabulous veterinary staff. SDF volunteers are working around the clock to teach them how to love and trust humans. They will be spending some time in foster homes learning how to be loved inside pups while she waits for his forever home!