Hi! I was born in mid February, 2016! Four and a half months later I was living in an empty lot at Mississippi Blvd, and Gaither St. I was all alone and scared. Sometimes kids would walk by and I would follow them, but they didn't want anything to do with me. I didn't want to get too far away from home, so I would return to my empty lot. The back of the lot was wooded. There were lots of mosquitoes and poison ivy, so mean people wouldn't bother me there. There was a nice man across the street who sold tamales. He would feed me sometimes and talk to me, but I was still scared. I really wanted to play with people, but I was afraid to trust anyone. One day a man stopped and got out of his car. He called to me, but I wouldn't come. He got food from the trunk of his car. Then he went in the store and came out with water! He set out a bowl of food and one of water for me. I waited for him to move away and then filled my belly! It was great! He sprinkled food on the ground. I had to keep moving closer to him to get the food. I knew how close I could get and still stay out of his reach. After a while he went to talk to the tamale guy. Finally he left. I thought that was a pretty good day! I had never had cold water before. I didn't think he would come back

I WAS WRONG! He came back a few days later. He gave me more food and water and talked to the tamale guy some more. They both seemed nice, but I still didn't trust anyone. He came back again and again. After a few weeks, he came back in this huge brown van. He brought a very pretty lady with him. She had a sweet voice and I liked her right away, but I still wouldn't let anyone reach me. They pulled a big wirey thing out of the van and set it in the grass of my lot. I sat six feet away and smiled while I watched them fold, fold, fold and WOW! It looked like a magic box! I was very curious. They dribbled spicy, curly potatoes on the ground, then inside the magic box. The guy asked the pretty lady to hand him the roast beef! It smelled delicious! He crawled in the box and left the roast beef! I couldn't wait to go check that out. He moved back. I waited until he was 12 feet away, then I started eating the curly things, then headed into the box to get the roast beef. Right when I got to it, I heard the door on the magic box drop closed!!! OH, NOOO! I was trapped! Betrayed by the roast beef! What would happen next!! What a horrible day this was turning out to be!

I WAS WRONG, AGAIN! That turned out to be a GREAT day! They took me to a building that was cool inside, where I met new people who kept telling me how cute I was! I met Doc, and the whole staff in the building. I was held, by a wonderful lady named Mavis! Then I was taken to another place. This is where the man and the pretty lady lived! I met their pack! I played with Van Gogh, and Stanley. They promised me that I could stay with them as long as it took to find my forever home! I get more trusting every day. I like to follow the humans around and play with the dogs. I smile a lot now! I like dogs, and play, and air conditioning, and roast beef! I am very eager to find this forever home I keep hearing about!! Is it your home?!