I would like to tell you a little bit about myself.  I was almost 20 lbs below weight, dehydrated, and sick. I had just weaned my puppies a week ago and was now trying to find someone to take care of me. I wandered up to a house that just felt right. There were dog toys in the back yard and a sweet Pit girl that could have been my sister! I just knew these people would help me. My instincts were right. The instant the nice man came out of his house and saw me he got down to my level and held out his hand. I knew I could trust him. I could barely walk but I hobbled over to him. He immediately got on the phone with his wife (who has had lots of rescue puppies like me) and she knew what to do. And boy did they ever.  They have been taking care of me ever since.  I have since gained lots of weight, gone through heartworm treatment and met lots of doggy friends.  I am potty trained, house trained, and love every dog I've met.  I'm really a very sweet girl and just looking for a place to call my very own.