Update 2/4/17: Hemi is still having some problems with digestion. We're treating him for stomach ulcers right now, but he may need pancreatic enzymes if his problems persist after the ulcer treatment. Our best guess is that he was exposed to some pretty serious toxins before we found him, and they're still taking a while to clear out.

Update 1/19/17: Hemi is still having some bouts of tummy trouble but it's been manageable. He's a bit of a picky eater so his foster mom has been trying to accommodate this. He started heartworm treatment yesterday so should be getting rid of that yuck in no time!

Update 1/5/17: Hemi's health has improved enough that he was able to get neutered. Yay!

Update 12/23/16: Hemi is doing so well in his foster home! He is not at all shy around new people. He hung out with his new human pal Jeremy and even tried to play some, but he is still learning. His foster mom says he is making a ton of progress with crate training. He loves his foster sister Margot and he is doing really well with his cat siblings, too!

Update 12/9/16: Hemi has an awesome foster home with some kitties! He had a couple days of being overly excited about them but now he knows maybe he needs to find bigger playmates...like his foster sister Margo! They go outside together and while she does try to get him to play, he doesn't really know how just yet so he is a little confused, but curious. He loves being around people and leans against you while you pet him. He hates being left alone but doesn't tear anything up if left out. He started playing with Margot's Kong wobbler and seems to like it but hasn't played with other toys yet. Although he's 72lbs, he could still gain some weight as he's on the skinny side but he's working on that! 

Update: We learned that both dogs are heartworm positive and had hookworms.  Dodge also had whipworms.  They have been treated for the hookworms and whipworms and now have a long road to recovery.  Once Dodge gains some weight, he and Hemi will begin heartworm treatment. Once their heartworm treatment is completed, they will be neutered and ready for their forever homes.  

An update from their foster: both boys are super sweet and get along great in her pack of dogs (including her 4 dogs and her Streetdog foster #sdfElizaDoolittle). 

These two young dogs. Dodge (left) and Hemi (right), were spotted on the way to a family Thanksgiving dinner at an auto & tire shop. Dodge was lying curled up in a tight little ball. He was emaciated, looked very sick, and possibly even injured. Unfortunately, the volunteer’s car was full of her own dogs & foster dog, so all she could do was feed them & give them water, and promise she’d be back. If any of you are familiar with Lamar Ave, you know what a busy street this is, and how unsafe it can be, especially for a starving dog scrounging for food. Our volunteer immediately went to social media to see if anyone could come to their aid before she could get back. Several people did go looking for the pups and didn’t spot them, but as fate would have it, the guys at the auto shop were familiar with them. The next day right after work, she went back to the auto shop with two other volunteers, and with some coaxing (and lots & lots of chicken), they were able to get these two pups loaded up into the car. The dogs were taken straight to Grace Animal Hospital to get the immediate medical attention they needed. They have a long road ahead of them, especially Dodge, but we will be with them every step of the way.