3/23/17: We learned today that her skin infections are severe. Some of the places on her skin may be burns because of their depth (up to three layers deep). She is being treated with a medicated cream and other medications to help her heal and alleviate any pain. Her spirits are good and she is getting plenty of love from our vet staff. 

3/22/17: We are still waiting on some more tests, but we do know that Ilsa is heartworm negative! While this is amazing news, she still has a long road to recovery. Her skin will take a long time to heal, and she doesn't feel well at all right now. We are feeding her small meals multiple times per day and managing her pain, but she is chilly without fur! She is estimated to be about a year old, so she is just a young girl. 

3/21/17: And she has a name... Ilsa! 
Medical update: Ilsa has demodex mange and a severe skin infection. We had to shave her fur to adequately treat her. Her paws are swollen and infected and she had puncture wounds around her neck. She will be staying with out vet for a few days to get medicated baths and additional treatment

3/20/17: We successfully trapped her (90% sure on gender but tail is still tightly tucked)! The same amazing human who rescued Andra and Isaac also helped us bring this babe to safety. She doesn't have a name yet - we will work on that in the morning. For now, she's getting some meds for pain management and will see our amazing vet in the morning. Thanks so much for your encouragement and positive thoughts!

3/19/17: We were alerted to a seriously ill pup in the Byhalia area yesterday by some of our volunteers. We are working on a plan to get her now.