Hi folks! I'm Jefferson and I'm the newest addition to the SDF gang. I've been out on the streets for a long time now, poorly treated my whole life, but one morning I spotted the perfect human and her pup! She was treating the dog with so much kindness that I just knew I had to meet her. When I approached them they were friendly and so I followed them home and wiggled my way right into their hearts!
According to the vet, I have heartworms and am way too thin- I need to almost double my weight! I am about 6-7 years old and I'm a big boy. Like mastiff big! My coat was so thick and coated with grease when I was found that I still get frequent baths trying to get it all out. But it's ok, I'm happy and loved and enjoying this good life for the first time ever! I've got a great foster home while I get healthy and add on the pounds. I'll be ready for my forever home in a jiffy!! If you're looking for some good mastiff/boxer lovin' I'm your guy!!

sdfjefferson #sdfroadtowellness