1/30/17: Many of you have been following Josie's story since we took her in last September. She was severally malnourished, had a large cancerous tumor that had to be operated on immediately, as well as a long list of other ailments that she has been working on combatting in her foster home. We have watched her thrive over the recent months and blossom into a fun loving senior girl with lots of life and love left to give. After much thought and consideration, we have decided to list our sweet girl as officially adoptable. She is in the best foster home possible, but since she has made such large improvements in such a short amount of time, we don't want to deprive her of the opportunity of finding her perfect forever family to spend the rest of her days in. We are so thrilled for Josie and all of her progress and cannot wait to see what the future holds for her as an adoptable princess!

10/17/16: Look who got to go home with a foster today! It should also be noted that the bed she's sleeping on was donated by Miss Andra, who totally understands the healing properties of a comfy new bed! We're willing to bet that tonight will be Josie's first really good nights sleep. Rest well sweet Josie!

10/16/16: Sweet Josie's biopsy results showed that the tumor removed was an apocrine gland (anal gland) adenocarcinoma. It wasn't the news we wanted. This type of cancer tends to be very aggressive, and can invade other parts of the body quickly, especially the lungs and lymph nodes. Our amazing vets have yet to find evidence that Josie's cancer has metastasized to these areas, but we will continue to do blood work and radiographs. At this time, Josie's prognosis is guarded. We do know that she is comfortable and loved. We know she loves treats and her hedgehog toy and chin scratches. We know she now can understand the concept of human love, which was not the case upon her rescue. And we know we will do whatever it takes to make this senior dog's life full of happiness, for however long.

10/11/16: We are noticing a bit of periodic, labored breathing with sweet Josie. This is due to the damage to her heart caused by long-term heartworms. When she is of a healthy enough weight, we will begin treatment for that. For now, we are keeping her well rested, nourished and happy.

10/6/16: No more IV for Josie!! She's walking outside on her own to use the bathroom and even wanted to use the stairs instead of the ramp to come back inside. She's a little weak on her feet but she tends to ignore that because she wants to explore the clinic and all the smells in the yard. Biopsy results are coming any day now. Say a little prayer for her. 

10/5/16: Josie is standing on her own for longer periods of time today which means she is gaining strength. While she was up, we were able to measure just how skinny she is. Yes, it's alarming but don't worry, she's eating like a champ! Petting her, you can feel every bone in her body and the occasional creak from the arthritis. Because she is malnourished, we have to feed her smaller meals several times a day. It's hard not to let her eat as much as she wants but doing so is dangerous. Thank you all for your continued prayers, well wishes, and donations! Josie appreciates it and so do we

10/4/16: Josie has not shown interest in food...UNTIL TODAY! We have been feeding her with a tongue depressor but she ditched that and is going for it! Her worn down teeth indicate that she has eaten rocks and bones to try to stay alive. She had some x-rays which show some sort of mass/calcification that we will need to monitor. In those x-rays we were also able to see where she has been shot by what looks like a pellet gun. This breaks our hearts but we are focusing on all the love we have to share with her and we will continue to work tirelessly to make her feel better.

10/3/16: On Friday evening, a volunteer alerted us to a severely malnourished, senior pup that had plopped herself in front of a home and hadn’t moved for 24hrs. We knew from the pictures the situation was dire as she had a large visible tumor and every bone in her body was protruding despite being a fluffy dog. We headed out to rescue her and were worried she was gone when we got there. Thankfully, she was still with us. We rushed her to the emergency clinic in the hopes of stabilizing her. When we got her there, her weight was taken and was a shocking 25lbs. She was started on fluids and antibiotics due to a white blood cell count of 135,000 (normal range is 6,000 - 17,000) and stayed at the emergency clinic until she was able to be transported to Grace. There, her tumor was removed and she has been under the constant care of Doc and his amazing team. We are now awaiting the biopsy results.

We want to show Josie the beautiful side of humans and, as with all of our dogs, we have promised her that she will be loved, treasured and spoiled for the rest of her life.