This little guy was spotted wandering behind a dead end barrier right outside an office park in an spot that dogs are often discarded. I was called immediately when a co-worker told me that a "puppy" was sitting in another co-worker's car and we all needed to do something to help. I rushed to the car where I didn't find a puppy, and instead a full grown Lhasa Apso with a dazzling underbite. I couldn't imagine he was very old, because his teeth were so sparkling white! I posted him online and immediately took him to Grace so he could get scanned for a microchip. I started to call him Lenox after the name of the office complex he was found. Little Lenox was a mystery to me! He had a decent hair trim, but he was covered in a ton of fleas! He was neutered, but his skin was so extremely irritated, I couldn't believe he was recently treated very well. Grace found a microchip, but many attempts to contact the previous owner(s) came up fruitless. I was even more certain he was purposefully left outside the office complex then! The chip company approved me taking him in to officially become a Streetdog. Even though Lenox has pearly whites, he is actually 10 years old! He has a lot of loving years left, though. He is looking for a forever home. He is dog, cat and kid friendly! He is happiest curled up in a ball at my feet! Lenox is prefect! Someone hurry and adopt him!

#sdfLenox #adoptable