Maximus, once known as MacG,  is one of the original Juno Pups.  We rescued Juno back in October of 2013.  She gave birth to 8 beautiful puppies at our vet's office and each puppy went on to other foster or permanent homes as well as their mother Juno.  Maximus found a temporary home with some folks who no longer had the means to care for him.  As is our promise to every dog we save, or birth in this case, we took Maximus back with loving and open arms.  Maximus is such a fun loveable pup with a hint of an old soul to him, just like his mother.  He gets along great with other dogs and cats and warms up to new people after some TLC.  

Maximus is currently in a foster home with his mom Juno and her humans are watching over him  until just the right forever family comes along for him.  Until then, Streetdog Foundation will watch over and take care of this sweet boy making sure that he receives the absolute best care possible and gets as many snuggles and kisses as he could ever want!