Hi guys! I'm Mindy and I am so thrilled to be able to enjoy the sweet life as a part of Streetdog Foundation. I have had a spotty upbringing the past 3 years in a home where vet care was limited and preventatives were not given. And then one day, I ended up at the shelter. A kind lady came to pull me and told me I was going to be transported to a new home in a new city. Unfortunately that situation ended up not working out either and as a last resort, the lady who was going to transport me called Streetdog Foundation. She told me she was a frequent foster and supporter of them so we crossed all our fingers and paws hoping to get good news.

As it turned out, Streetdog Foundation said they would help my foster mom out since my other plans had fallen through. I'm so glad, because now I can stay here in Memphis!

So now its me, my foster mom, and foster furry siblings living the good life until I can find my forever home. I'm about three years old and fully grown at just 40 pounds. I'm potty trained and really like other dogs and cuddling with my humans on the couch. I'm about to start my Heartworm treatment, but once I'm all better I'll be looking for my new forever family! You can keep up with all my developments by following Streetdog Foundation on social media!