This is Mya. She is about 1.5 years old and a Min Pin Mix. She was found in the Mud Island area wandering alone, thirsty and hungry and covered in fleas. A kind gentleman fed her for a few days and finally he was able to convince her to get in his car. She was then brought into our vet where Doc examined her. Poor Mya was diagnosed with flea dermatitis and a severe yeast infection. Basically this means that little Mya is very itchy all over, has bad hair loss in several areas and inflamed skin all underneath what little bit of hair she does have. Her worst areas are around both of her eyes, on her back side and her tummy. 
Despite all of this discomfort and living in constant pain, Mya is simply the sweetest. She is good around other dogs and is quickly learning how to trust people. 

She is up to date with vaccines and everything she needs, and will be working closely with Doc and his staff and Mya’s wonderful new foster mom to watch her heal, and blossom and get fluffy again!!