4/26/17: Judah was able to begin heartworm treatment this week.  He has settled in well to his foster home and will spend the next couple of months resting and fighting those nasty worms!

2/23/17: Judah doesn't let many people touch him just yet, and if he does it's a soft pet on the shoulder. Well... today he let a Grace staffer/sdf volunteer give him a bath!!!! It was a big day for this brave boy! In other great news... Judah has been cleared to go to a foster!


We learned that #sdfJudah has a heavy case of heartworms this week. Once his mange improves and he gains some weight, he will start heartworm treatment.

As soon as he is healthy enough, he will go to a foster home and learn what it's like to have the life he deserves.


2/2/17: Doc is pleased with how much better Judah's skin is looking already. He doesn't love all the medicated baths, but he sure does love the treats!

2/1/17: When our emaciated and unwell pups come in, we take the job of getting groceries and nutrition into their tummies very seriously. Because it's dangerous to feed them large meals at one sitting (or lounging 😉), we feed them many small meals throughout the day. Judah has done very well with this and we are so thrilled!

1/30/17: He has severe Demodex mange (but it's noncontagious, yay!), worms, and ringworm (so you'll see us petting him with gloves for a little while until that clears up). We're still waiting on bloodwork and a few other tests this week to give us a better picture of what he needs, medical wise, but he's likely to be heartworm positive as well. Today, he'll get a sedative to be a bit more comfortable & start getting medicated baths for the mange treatment. In the meantime, he's enjoyed a few trips outside & the best sleep he's ever had!

1/29/17: This sweet boy is our newest Streetdog. Our good friends who helped us rescue #sdfAndra and #sdfIsaac were able to trap him after he was spotted wandering around midtown. He is safe and getting the medical care he needs at our vet right now. We will keep you posted as we learn more about his health. No more cold, hungry nights for him!