Update 2/9/17: Pilly is the sweetest pup!  She loves to snuggle, to sleep under the covers, and she loves bones and toys!  She gets to go to work with her foster mom and loves the attention she gets there.  Since she is deaf, she does better with older children who are educated about approaching a dog (it's easy to scare a pup who can't hear).  She bonds quickly to people, but can be a bit choosy with other dogs.  This gorgeous girl is just the sweetest!

Pilly was in the process of being dumped in a laundry basket when Streetdog's van drove by and stopped.  We took her in to the vet where she battled sarcoptic mange and parvo. She was also full of worms and we discovered she was deaf.  She has made a full recovery and grown into a wonderful healthy [but deaf] pup!  She was born May 1, 2013 and has done an excellent job learning all of her puppy manners.  She knows to go outside for the bathroom and loves her crate and nylabones. 

She gives the best kisses and will snuggle all day and night if you let her.  She has learned her basic commands with sign language, following other dogs in her foster pack and also has some training with the light switches in the house.  Pilly is such a smart girl and so eager to please all she meets!