If you are receiving this email, you are an approved Streetdog foster!  If you are not interested in fostering anymore, just respond and let me know that and I’ll take you off the list. If you are interested in continuing to foster, I wanted to update you on some important information.


For those of you who don’t already know, Megan Banet resigned as our foster coordinator, but don’t worry, she is still volunteering and continues to foster both Kumar and Cosette. I am serving as the interim coordinator for now (some of you may know me as the media team coordinator, which I still am).


We always need fosters, so if you are ready to take a dog, please do let me know.  Open fosters means more dogs we can save from the streets of Memphis. Current need: a calm foster home with no large male dogs for Zuri who is recovering from heartworm treatment.  To get more information on her, search social media for #sdfZuri.


Here is a short survey you can take to update us on things like your address, your availability, or the current pets living with you: www.streetdogfoundation.com/foster-info-update


Please also see the important section below titled “SDF Foster Information” that describes the foster program.  NOTE: some information has changed, please review this information even if you have fostered for us before. Please reply and just let me know that you have reviewed the guidelines. All of this information is also located on our new Foster and Training website at www.streetdogfoundation.com/training. We hope you find lots of useful information there.




Please contact Erica Lindsey with all medical needs or questions at intake@streetdogfoundation.com or 901-871-9946. (Please note that all non-emergency medical care should be scheduled at Grace Animal Hospital Monday-Thursday with Dr. Williams.


Please contact McKenzie Cohen with any training needs at training@streetdogfoundation.com. **Before you contact her, see if we can answer your questions in our training blog or among the resources located here: www.streetdogfoundation.com/training


Please contact me at foster@streetdogfoundation.com or 901-289-3328 if you want to foster or if you will need temporary arrangements for your current foster.


For emergencies (I lost my Streetdog, my Streetdog is having a medical emergency, I am not sure if the medical issue is an emergency or not…) please call 901-574-4452.


Thanks again for all that you do for these pups-we could not do it without you!


SDF Foster Information (http://www.streetdogfoundation.com/sdf-foster-information)


1) In case of an emergency (lost Streetdog, injuries, or health concerns) with your current Streetdog, call 901-574-4452 immediately. Program this number into your phone and give to other members of your household who care for your Streetdog. If your call is not answered immediately, leave a voicemail with your name, the dog's name, and the nature of the emergency. You will receive a call or text from the team member on-call. Please give the on-call person a few minutes to respond. Please DO NOT call this number for stray/rescue help or give this number to anyone who is not a Streetdog volunteer or foster. 


2) We require your Streetdog(s) to attend at least 1 adoption event per month. You will receive an email from me each week announcing the upcoming adoption events and asking you to sign up your Streetdog for one. Dogs who are cleared to go to Adoption events must be spayed/neutered (unless they are a puppy under 6 months of age), current on vaccines (for puppies, this is after the third round of puppy shots-see your puppy FB group for shot schedule), and in good health (dogs getting heartworm treatment are not eligible to attend adoption day). Please check with me if you feel that you have special circumstances that should be considered. Please note that puppies should NOT play in dog parks until they have had all four rounds of puppy shots.


Adoption Event Schedule (http://www.streetdogfoundation.com/adoption-event-schedule)

First Saturday: Cooper Young Farmer’s Market 9-12 (Spring, Summer, Fall Only-begins 4/1/17)

Second Saturday: Hollywood Feed Union 12-3

Third Saturday: Hollywood Feed Erin Way 12-3; Memphis Farmer’s Market 9-12 (Has not started for the season yet)

Fourth Saturday: Hollywood feed Union 12-3


3) If you need food, please let me know before you run out preferably. We can provide this at adoption events or you can pick this up at Grace Animal Hospital (668 S. Main), but we need advance notice.


4) Streetdogs are due for monthly preventives on the 4th Saturday of the month. You will receive emails from Erica Lindsey when your Streetdog is due for heartworm and flea prevention. Please add her email to your contact list so it doesn’t go to your junk folder (intake@streetdogfoundation.com). If your Streetdog cannot attend an event on the 4th Saturday each month, it will be your responsibility to make arrangements to pick up the preventives.


5) If you need a temporary foster or boarding, please let me know as far in advance as possible.  Many of our fosters need temporary relief for vacations and around holidays.  There is limited space at Grace to board, so the more notice I have, the better. Dogs are not allowed to be transferred - even temporarily - to anyone that is not an approved Streetdog Foster. Even if someone is an approved foster, please communicate your temporary needs through me.  For emergencies, etc we need to know where our dogs are at all times.


6) Our adoption fees are $250 for a fully vaccinated, spayed/neutered, and microchipped dog. Anyone interested in adopting will need to complete an adoption application. This includes fosters. Dogs are not to be transferred to anyone else without permission from an Intake Team member. An electronic application can be found at www.streetdogfoundation.com/adopt. We encourage our fosters to be involved in the entire adoption process - after all, you will come to know your foster the best! Once an approved adopter has expressed an interest in meeting your Streetdog, a volunteer from the Application Team will share information about the potential adopter with you. 


7) If at any point in time you are thinking about keeping your Streetdog, you need to inform me immediately. Streetdog is 100% volunteer run, and our volunteers put lots of time and energy marketing each dog. It is better that we know as early as possible that you are considering keeping your Streetdog so that we can devote those resources to another dog in need. Plus, it is not fair to our potential adopters if they have already fallen in love with your Streetdog to be told near the end of the entire process that they cannot adopt that dog. Fosters have 24 hours after they have been made aware that an adoption application has been submitted for their Streetdog to submit an adoption application themselves. 


8) We appreciate frequent updates on your Streetdog. Pictures can be posted directly to the Streetdog Foster/Volunteer Facebook page. Videos can be emailed to media@streetdogfoundation.com. The more media content we have for your foster, the more we can utilize social media to help us find their perfect home. If they learn a new trick, or do something adorable, post a photo or video so we can share that.


9) The Streetdog Training Team conducts regular training classes, which are advertised on the Streetdog Foster and Volunteer Facebook page. These classes teach basic positive reinforcement through clicker training. Should you need assistance, please go to www.streetdogfoundation.com/training to check out our online resources.  If you feel that your needs are more complex, please complete the Training Assessment (also located on that page). A member of the training team will contact you about next steps. If your Streetdog starts to exhibit any problem behaviors, please let me know quickly. The faster we can intervene with behaviors, the easier they are to resolve.


10) Streetdog’s training philosophy is to use positive reinforcement. Fosters are expected to comply with this philosophy in the treatment of our dogs at all times. If your foster has any advanced issues, we are happy to provide guidance and resources to assist you.  Please note that positive reinforcement methods specifically prohibit the use of the following: shock collars, pinch/prong collars, “spanking” of any sort including striking on the nose or rear, and yelling at a dog as part of any basic obedience or potty training. Please feel free to email the training team at training@streetdogfoundation.com if you need to discuss any issues. Since we don’t know where our dogs come from, we urge caution to people considering taking them to dog parks.  The public often brings unvaccinated and/or under-socialized dogs to those areas.  Additionally, large unfenced off-leash dogs parks can be a temptation for a dog to run away, particularly if they do not know their name or have good recall.