Drop It!

You know how your dog grabs that ball, runs off, and then won't give it back?  Me too!  

Check out this amazing technique to help your pup learn drop it. 

Loose Leash Walking

Ever feel like your dog is walking you?  It's never too late to teach loose leash walking!  Here is a set of 3 videos from Smart Dog University to help you out!  Tools needed: clicker, treat pouch, short leash, and a dog! If you have not checked out the introduction to clicker training post, go here first. And you can go here to meet a member of our training team as she helps #sdfSmuckers learn about the clicker.


So, puppies are adorable!!!  Who doesn't love a puppy? Check out some of the cute little nuggets we have had at Streetdog below!


OK, so they are cute, but they pee on the floor, bite you constantly and run around like crazy!  Here are a few tips to survive puppydom whether it's a foster or your own dog.

First Up: Potty training

Next:the BITING!



"Leave it"

So, you dog walks past the coffee table and there is a plate with some crumbs on it.  Yum!  You want to teach her or him to keep on going and to leave that plate alone!  Or maybe you take off your shoes after a long day at work and your dog looks super interested in them? Um, no. Leave it! These videos illustrate how to teach that command to your dog. Check it out!

Ready for some advanced "Leave it"? Try this:

Or this:



Crate Training 101

Crates serve multiple purposes.  

  • provides your dog a safe place to relax
  • keeps your dog safe while you are not home (think chewed cords, eating things they shouldn't)
  • keeps your furniture, shoes, and belonging from being chewed in your absence
  • provides dog a safe space to eat 


This link has a comprehensive step by step guide to crate training.

Dogs and Kids: How to Stay Safe

Dogs and kids can most certainly live together in peace, but it is important to note that we must be actively engaged when any child and dog are together.  Dogs typically warn us when they are unhappy or uncomfortable. In scenarios where children are involved, kids are not able to understand those warnings.  See some of the links below to get information on how to keep your family happy together.

My dog won't do ANYTHING I tell them to do!

We have all been there-got a new foster who was just rescued from the streets, adopted a puppy who needs to learn basic obedience, found a dog wandering around and decided to make them a family member-most of these pups don't come with perfect manners. Clicker training is a great way to use positive reinforcement to help our dogs learn all of the basic manners we want them to have from sitting, to loose leash walking and beyond.  It's important to note here that we are training ourselves, our families, and our guests as much as we are training the dog. Consistency is key, and even though grandma loves Spot, it really ISN'T ok for him to jump on her! Click this link to learn more about clicker training-a simple and effective method of positive reinforcement training, or check out this introduction to clicker training.



Dog Body Language

Check out these dog body language images.  When our dogs warn us that they are uncomfortable, paying attention to those cues can prevent bites and make for a much happier dog (and family!).

Check out these resources to learn more about dog body language and bite prevention.