My dog won't do ANYTHING I tell them to do!

We have all been there-got a new foster who was just rescued from the streets, adopted a puppy who needs to learn basic obedience, found a dog wandering around and decided to make them a family member-most of these pups don't come with perfect manners. Clicker training is a great way to use positive reinforcement to help our dogs learn all of the basic manners we want them to have from sitting, to loose leash walking and beyond.  It's important to note here that we are training ourselves, our families, and our guests as much as we are training the dog. Consistency is key, and even though grandma loves Spot, it really ISN'T ok for him to jump on her! Click this link to learn more about clicker training-a simple and effective method of positive reinforcement training, or check out this introduction to clicker training.