5/17/17: My foster mom has asked me to let everyone know what I've learned about myself, in 3 different environments, in the 2 years since she saved me from "going to the pound."  Both my foster people and 3 furry foster siblings have all been stay-at-home seniors.  Even though I'm an avid afternoon napper, I love having my people or person around!  I'd rather do anything with my human(s) than without.  
That said, I'm great at playing with my toys by myself, both inside and out. I love my Kong, balls, bones and antlers!  My Kong is in my mouth 90% of my waking hours.  I love cuddles, back scratches, and belly rubs as much as playing!  I'm super smart and very food and affection motivated.  I love learning new things and am a quick study.  I'm great at sit, wait & OK, leave it, give and fetch.  And I happily take myself to my crate when I need quiet time and at bedtime.  

My ideal forever home would have a fenced yard where I can run and play, because I'm only 2 1/2 and a high energy gal.  No offense to my foster mom; but I'd thrive with more active, younger folks as a forever family.  Some older kids to play with and love would be awesome! I've lived with 2 cats, and still live with my 12-year old big dog brother, but I really want my human(s) and toys all to myself.  Love, physical and mental challenges, as well as consistent guidance, would make me an even happier pooch than I naturally am!  Did I mention just love me!?! 


Hey there! My name is Sophe and I'm here to tell you a little bit about myself.  I don't really know what happened when I was a young puppy but I found myself lost and scared, wandering around Midtown. One day I found a back porch to sleep on and the lady there fed me and took me to a vet who said I was a healthy 6-month old.  But after a couple of weeks, she said she couldn't keep me anymore and was going to take me to a scary sounding place called the pound.  Thank goodness another lady who fosters orphans like me stepped in and took me home instead.Now, I've got 4 furry foster brothers and sisters to live and play with!  (Well, the 2 cats don't really play with me, but one of them does like to snuggle and nap with me.)  I'm already potty and crate trained, and my big foster brother and sister are helping me learn good dog manners.I'm pretty smart too!  I can sit and obey a few other commands. I love playing with my Kong toy and going on car rides!  I love belly rubs, and snuggly naps with my foster mom and sibs!  But I really, really want a family of my very own to love me forever!  Do you want me to join yours?!Please?!  I promise to be a good dog and learn everything you teach me!