Update on Vivienne 11/2016: 

Hi, I’m Vivienne.  I’m told I am a six year old Staffordshire terrier mix.  I love to cuddle and I’m looking for my forever home.  I am currently living with a foster family and I know how to sit, lay, shake and stay. My best trick is SMILING!  I love being outside, taking walks, riding in the car with my tongue hanging out the window and am learning how to fetch a tennis ball. It’s pretty fun to watch me run because when I get going very fast, I hop on my back legs because they just can’t keep up with the front ones. I like to bark at cats and I’m working hard with my foster family on getting my doggy social skills back.  I’ve made a lot of progress over the past few weeks.  I’m doing great walking with my doggy friends, I just don’t like when they put my toys in their mouth – so gross!  Oh, and I’m a top notch watch dog.  I even bark when I hear a doorbell on the TV – just in case!

Before Streetdog, I wasn’t taken care of very well.  No one knew I was allergic to pork, but now we know, so I’m doing great.  I don’t really remember much about those days, but I know that when I was rescued, I was in bad shape.  I’m doing so much better now.  You’d never know I was a real street dog back in the day.  Now I’m spoiled. My foster humans would like to keep me, but they travel a lot and they think I deserve to have someone around all the time.  They have discovered that I love to have coconut oil rubbed on my little elbows. One of my favorite things is to lie outside in the warm sun. I don’t even let the squirrels bother me when I’m chillin.  Sometimes my back legs get a little stiff if I’m lounging around for too long eating bon bons and watching soaps.  I’m told I’m not very high energy and that I’m low maintenance – whatever that means.  I do love to dress up though and I’ll pretty much let anyone put anything on me – sports jerseys, costumes, jewelry, funky hats, tutus for my inner ballerina.  And I’m a huge ham in front of the camera.  I am super sweet and snuggly and enjoy all human attention, even from the little humans!  I don’t chew stuff up or get into the trash or drink from the toilet – that’s just EW!  I’m not a finicky eater, I don’t beg and I have excellent hygiene.  I’m kinda, well, perfect.  I don’t love, love, love the crate, but I’m used to it and understand that at times it’s a must.  I do just fine sleeping on my doggy bed.  Finally….. if I haven’t captured your heart yet, I have the cutest heart “tattoo” on my right side.  The other dogs are really jealous of it.  Please consider me as yours.  I’ll bring my heart to your home and you won’t regret it!  Love, V.

Update on Vivienne 3/9/15: Hi guys it's my again!  I've been with Streetdog Foundation a little over a year now and am really enjoying life these days!  I got all fixed up and treated for all of the skin infections I  was going through in the beginning.  I have found a fabulous foster home where I have learned all my manners and tricks.  I even learned how to host a wonderful dinner party ;) I am a sweet little cuddle bug just looking for my permanent home now!  It has been a year full of new journeys and taking leaps of faith but boy am I SO SO glad that I did.  Life as a Streetdog has really been a blessing.  I am ready to meet you today and show you what all I have learned!

Vivienne came to us scared, itchy, and possibly days away from being sent to a shelter and put to death.  I'll let her take it from here:

In my life before Streetdog I was terribly taken care of and end up being surrendered to an emergency center who didn't have room for me.  There only action was to find a rescue group or send me to the local shelter here where I wouldn't have stood a fighting chance.  Good news: they found the best rescue out there!!  I have an extremely bad and itchy yeast infection covering most of my body but I am being treated for that now and am already feeling SOO much better! I am well on my way to recovery and ready for my foster or furever home!  I am super sweet and snuggly and enjoy human company very much! I also love to be outside (when the weather is nice that is) and cannot wait to find a big fluffy couch to snuggle on!