Welcome to the Streetdog Foundation Found Foster Program!  If you are reading this message, you have found a pup and have agreed to house the dog and fund its rescue. We are so grateful for all of the wonderful people we meet through his program.  You are truly saving a life!

We will offer as many resources to you as we have available to help support your efforts including the following (as resources are available with no guarantees to any of the below):

  • Supplies like a loaner crate, collar, and leash
  • Dog food 
  • Marketing on Petfinder, social media, our website 
  • Marketing at adoption events held every weekend
  • Discounted veterinary care
  • Flea and heartworm preventatives
  • Discounted boarding
  • Linkage to our training and integration team 
  • Linkage to our photography team

We hope these resources will help your pup get adopted as soon as possible. We can't guarantee how long it will take for any dog to get adopted, but there are ways you can work with your dog to help get them adopted faster. We recommend:

  • Getting a lot of good quality photo and video for marketing purposes.  Our photography team can help!
  • Working on basic obedience and socialization.  Our training team can help!
  • Linkage to other volunteer at events for mentoring and advice

Please fill out the form marked "Found Foster Program Medical Authorization and Marketing Agreement".  You are not accepted into the program until you complete this form and get an approval from our Intake Coordinator.

Once you have had the pup in your home for two or more weeks, please also complete the "Found Foster Behavior Assessment" form.  If you have had this dog for some time, then you may complete that form now.  This will help our team market the dog and assess any needs that you may have. The intake coordinator will provide the password for this form.

We look forward to finding the perfect home for your pup and to getting to know you! Welcome to the Streetdog family!


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