Streetdog Blog-Munchkin Is Memphis Recap

Munchkin has been looking for his forever home for far too long.  He is energetic, gets along well with the 3 other dogs in his foster home, loves to go for walks and runs, loves car rides and is a champion snuggler!  We think he is the best and we want to find the perfect forever home for him.  

He recently took us on a tour of Memphis to show us how much of a hometown dog he is. If you are interested in adding this amazing guy to your pack, click on Adopt to fill out an application. 

Guess who is back to show us around Memphis? ‪#‎sdfMunchkin‬! Stay tuned for daily updates on his big adventure! ‪#‎MunchkinIsMemphis‬

Now is the time. Memphis is the place. Munchkin is the dog.‪#‎chooseMunchkin‬ ‪#‎MunchkinIsMemphis‬

Next stop on the ‪#‎MunchkinIsMemphis‬ tour-Elvis of course! ‪#‎sdfMunchkin‬wanted to stop in and pay his respects to the King. Thank you, thank you very much! ‪#‎chooseMunchkin‬ ‪#‎PitBullFridays‬

‪#‎sdfMunchkin‬ is headed to Beale Street today to hear some great live music and to say hi to his buddies at Silky O'Sullivan's. He and the goat are going to enjoy a diver on that lovely patio! Hopefully he will run into his new forever family too. ‪#‎MunchkinIsMemphis‬ ‪#‎ChooseMunchkin‬

Munchkin has been enjoying the beautiful weather this week on his tour of Memphis. Today he went to Sun Studios to record his new song "Streetdog Blues". He has an amazing foster family who has taught him how to be loved, but he is still searching for that perfect forever home. ‪#‎sdfMunchkin‬‪#‎MunchkinIsMemphis‬ ‪#‎ChooseMunchkin‬ ‪#‎adoptable‬

Munchkin is the star of the show today.  His foster mom says that his cuddles are the best, so he wins Best Snuggler in a Lead Role!  

Want to meet this hunky guy?  Head over to and fill out an application.

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Munchkin wants to be sure that all of his potential adopters know that he is a Grizzlies fan!  He loves to watch games every chance he gets and don't tell anyone, but he is a serious Zach Randolph fan! Who  doesn't love a pittie lover like Zach?

If you are his ultimate fan, Munchkin will love you forever!

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Munchkin is at the park ready to go for a run, a long walk, or some playtime.  This handsome guy loves to be active, but he is just as good at settling in for a movie with his people. 

Munchkin needs a forever home.  If you are interested in adopting him, fill out an application at

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Munchkin loves car rides and road trips!  Maybe he can join you for your next adventure?

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Need a marathon training partner? Munchkin is ready to go!  The St. Jude marathon is just 9 months away!

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Starring our very own Munchkin, here is his new video for "Streetdog Blues".

Let's find this amazing guy a forever family!

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Munchkin is having a midnight snack.  If you love BBQ as much as he does, you should consider making him a part of your regular snack routine!  

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