IStreetdog::Rachel Kauffman

I've always been involved in some sort of volunteer work since I've been in Memphis. What I volunteered with usually reflected what I was studying at the time since I spent my first years here as a student. Once I graduated, I was finally "free" to dive into whatever I wanted. I really wanted a dog. 

In the summer of 2014, I found Streetdog Foundation on Instagram and was immediately drawn to it. It was local, accessible, and full of fur babes. I went through the adoption process and attended a volunteer orientation the day I started my adoption trial with Bear. I loved that I had numerous ways to be involved, but my favorite thing was coming to Grace and walking the dogs who were in boarding and waiting on foster homes. 

I quickly bonded with the dogs that were in boarding. I walked them almost daily and decided I would begin breaking dogs out of boarding by fostering them.  Some of those were short term fosters for a few days, and some were longer term fosters. Since that summer when I adopted Bear, I have fostered more than 10 dogs for SDF including Romeo, Holmes, Pafford, Sheba, Nash, Pickles, Hamilton, Amelia, Bird, the Egypt sisters (Alexandria and Cairo), Agnes, Artemis, CC, and a super short foster turned foster fail with Hank.