#IStreetdog: Brittany Bullock

Brittany is a longtime Streetdog foster and volunteer.  She and her boyfriend, Mike, now have 3 Streetdogs they have added to their family permanently, and they are fosters to the adorable Munchkin (search Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for #MunchkinIsMemphis for some great photos of him!).  Their home has been affectionately coined the "Streetdog Frat House" because they have so many Streetdogs. Brittany is also a team leader for our volunteer appreciation program.

"My boyfriend and I are from upstate NY and we became involved with Streetdog when he decided to adopt Dexter (previously Wade) not long after he had moved here. I was still between NY and Memphis at that time, but fell in love with Dex when I got to spend a week with him during my last visit before the big move to Memphis. Dexter was so skittish and nervous of people, but it didn’t take long for him to trust Mike, and then me. He had crossed Sam Cooper multiple times, had a broken leg, and was hiding under a house, covered in fleas when he was rescued by some of our (now) good friends.

When we bought a house, we decided that it was time for Dexter to get a friend, and we adopted Daisy. She was a mischievous yet sweet little puppy, and she and Dexter are literally inseparable. It didn’t take long after that for us to feel compelled to help one of the dogs we had met when we were looking to get Daisy who was stuck in boarding. Miss Wanda became our first foster. She was a snuggle bug who wouldn't let me leave her side at adoption days. It didn’t take too long for her to get adopted, and it was amazing knowing that she had a perfect home with a new sister. It was a great feeling.

In the meantime, our roommate had adopted Ryder (Flo Rida) and they lived with us for a while. Not long after, our roommate was going to move out and the idea of being down to 2 dogs was appealing, we must admit. We said that we were going to take a break from fostering for a little while, but then I saw a picture of Streaker. We had no experience with mange or pitties, but after showing it to Mike, we knew we had to do something. We took him home to foster in October of 2014 and joked that we might as well pay the adoption fee now. We didn’t have any intention of adopting Streak, but when we noticed around the new year that our inseparable pair cuddled with his frail little self equally as much as they did with each other, we knew that he wasn’t going anywhere. We finalized our first (and so far, only) foster failure with a surprise party that Mike had set up behind my back for Valentine’s Day with all of our Streetdog friends.

We have had several other short-term fosters through our house as well, including Hamilton, Nash, and Bam Bam. We now foster Munchkin long term, and while being down to 2 dogs is a distant memory, we wouldn’t have it any other way (this is how we received the affectionate name, "The Streetdog Frat House"). In the time between fostering Streaker and now, I have become much more involved with volunteering with Streetdog, including walking dogs, adoption days, training and integration, intake, and now setting up volunteer appreciation events. Going from a small town in NY state, where stray and abused dogs were not nearly as prevalent, to the city of Memphis has been a huge change in many more ways than one. Streetdog has not only taught us so much about how to help these pups, but it has opened a door to do the work to make life better for so many dogs in Memphis. It has also given me the chance to meet many of my AMAZING, new Memphis friends and ease the transition to a brand new city. Thanks for all you have done for us, Streetdog Family!"