#iStreetdog::Morgan McAndrews

Morgan McAndrews is a member of the Streetdog Media team, and many of the Facebook posts you see during the week are hers! In addition to her work with social media, she also fosters dogs and adopted her very own Streetdog, ‪#‎sdfWeezer‬. She works with our planning team for our annual fundraiser "Howl at the Moon" and is always one of the first volunteers to show up for a "Code Purple" (SDF code for a dog is on the loose).

"I didn't know much about Streetdog Foundation until I went to my first adoption ceremony, and wow was it special. I had never experienced anything like it. We laughed, we cried and well... THAT POEM! That one ceremony changed my life. The stars all alined perfectly. The puppy I had been crushing over on Instagram was being fostered by the volunteer at the adoption ceremony!

Kristyn was the first of many amazing, inspiring people I would come to meet. I adopted Weezer and I knew I wanted to do more. Since getting involved about a year ago, I have fostered Beckham, Pickles, Maizie, and Gordon, along with some lovely short term visits from Einstein, Cam, and Artemis. I have met the most amazing human beings along the way, all with some truly
enormous hearts.

Best of all, I get to meet strong, resilient, loving,
beautiful, forgiving dogs. I now know exactly what the slogan 'Rescue me... Rescue you' means and I will forever be grateful."

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