Mange pup arrives at vet

Now that the mange pup is safely at our vet's office, we want to share more of her story with you.

Several months ago, one of our volunteers spotted this pup in a field. She began leaving food for her. Over time, she met others who were also trying to help the dogs. Despite weeks of trying to get close to her and searching in the nearby woods, volunteers were still not able to catch her. The kind man who helped us get Isaac agreed to help us again. He set a trap for her and had to work many hours to locate the people who were feeding her and convince them to stop long enough for her to go into a trap looking for food. After weeks of pursuing her, she finally went in the trap. Her mange has worsened significantly and we anticipate that she will have a lot of health issues. Our vets are assessing her now and we will know more about her condition later today. If you would like to make a donation to support her medical care, please go to www.streetdogfoundation.com/donate.