Foods NOT to Share With Your Dog This Thanksgiving

For many people Thanksgiving is about family and food and since our dogs are family, it’s natural we want to include them in the food part of the holiday. But some of our favorite Thanksgiving staples can be harmful to dogs, causing symptoms that range from uncomfortable to life-threatening. Every year veterinarians see an uptick in sick dogs after Thanksgiving because their owners or well-meaning visiting family members just could resist the puppy dog eyes.

SDF alum Reese and adoptable Marcel really want some of that pie.

SDF alum Reese and adoptable Marcel really want some of that pie.

So be mindful of what foods you’re serving this year and which ones are okay for your dog. Some foods on the NOT OKAY list:

Turkey skin - turkey skin is very fatty and can cause digestive upset in dogs.
Cooked bones - these can splinter and cause injury to the GI tract.
Ham - ham is very fatty and salty and can lead to pancreatitis.
Sage - sage contains essential oils that can cause stomach upset.
Corn cobs - these can cause intestinal obstruction which is serious and potentially fatal.
Onion and garlic - raw or cooked, they can both cause anemia in your dog.
Grapes and raisins - even in small amounts, grapes and raisins can cause sudden kidney failure in dogs.
Bread dough - raw dough can expand in your dog’s stomach, causing discomfort, bloat or “twisted stomach,” which is a serious condition requiring emergency treatment.
Chocolate - in large amounts, chocolate is toxic to dogs. Better to keep it all for yourself.

Some foods you can slip your dog under the table (in moderation of course):

Sweet or Russet potatoes (hold the milk and butter)
Raw veggies, such as green beans, peas and carrots
Pure pumpkin
Cranberry sauce (just a bit! It can have a lot of sugar!)

This list is not exhaustive so when in doubt it's best to err on the side of caution so everyone can have a good day. Happy Thanksgiving!