Rescue in progress at MLGW property & Puppies have been Born.

9/21 Momma (Moana) and (probable) daughter (Kala) have been saved. Still working on Daddy. Momma is really pregnant. and due any time So far we have double mange, a tick-borne disease called, Ehrlichia & heart-worms. Click on their photos for the full story. If you would like to donate to their care you can do so here. Every little bit helps. Will update as known. 9/26 Dad is still evasive. We have our work cut out for us!

9/29 MOANA has has had her puppies!!! Maui, Lilo, Goby & Wai

10/12 Appears that Dad is going to be more difficult than expected. We will continue doing what we can. Sometimes the long timer feral pups are very wise to our ways. Fear not, these pups are also VERY street smart!

10/22 Meet #sdfEkana. Ekana could very well be the proud Daddy of Maui, Lilo, Gody & Wai.

In the mean time here is some eye candy for you. Have you ever seen a more precious thing???? #sdfmaui

CAN. YOU. GET. ANY. CUTER? #sdfLilo #sdfWai


Sweet Kala.

Week #1 of life for the #ThirdStreetPack.