Napoleon’s Heroes

Napoleons Heroes Goal is provide life saving blood type tests for pups in need of blood transfusions.


Blood Type Testing Information

Grace Animal Hospital has offered to do blood tests for the discounted price of $52.30 for our followers. Any size dog can be blood type tested to determine in the dog’s blood type is Positive or Negative. This information is useful to know in an emergency situation where time is of the essence.
If you would like to have your dog’s blood type tested, please call ahead to make an appointment and mention “Napoleon’s Heros” to get the special price. You may also choose to be added to our database of potential donors if your dog meets the requirements (below) and you would be willing to be contacted in the future should another dog need a life-saving transfusion.

Requirements to be a Napoleon’s Hero Donor Dog

To be considered a Napoleon’s Hero donor, dogs must be roughly 80lbs or greater, under 7 years old, good vaccination history, and in good health. Patient must be heartworm negative, free from autoimmune disease, and never had cancer. Participation is voluntary.

Storage of Blood Type Information
The actual test results will be kept in the patient’s chart. Grace Animal Hospital will keep a database of those that wish to be listed as a Napoleon’s Hero donor.

Donations for Streetdog Foundation Dogs
Napoleon’s legacy will live on through the #NapoleonsHeros fund. An annual fundraiser that will be shared so that we can have all current and future Streetdog’s blood-type tested. Each year we estimate that it will cost between $4,000 -$6,000 to test each dog. If you would like to donate to this fund, please click HERE

Read about Napoleon and Napoleon’s Heroes below

Napoleon - Farewell sweet boy.

Words from Napoloen's family.

"Our hearts ache, we are beyond devastated and continue to shed many tears of sadness. Our Boy Napoleon passed away Janueary 14th, 2019. Napoleon’s heart was no longer strong enough to endure any further treatment, due to his sudden onset of Autoimmune Hemolytic Anemia (Evans Syndrome).

For all who had the honor to know Napoleon you know his character was sweet, kind and gentle. He would get one of his many stuffed “babies” when greeting you into our home, you could not help but fall in love with him.

From the moment Our “Streetdog” came into our home in 2013, our lives forever changed. He loved going for his vanilla “ice cream cones” and enjoyed them in his final days. Napoleon’s short time here with us taught us so much and allowed us the opportunity to volunteer with Streetdog Foundation and all its Volunteers who have become a second family to us.

Much love & so much thanks, to Streetdog Foundation Volunteers/Friends, Kent & Melanie Pafford, Dr. JD Williams, Grace Animal Hospital Staff, AEC (animal emergency center) and all our Family, Friends and countless people who offered to have their pups blood type matched for a donation to Napoleon.

We are so humbled and thankful to all! And although our hearts and home feel so empty, we know Napoleon came into our lives for a reason and we will forever love our Boy. We are determined & very passionate about his illness, our experience and medical treatments that can be turned into something positive in helping others and educating pet owners.

An ongoing fundraiser in Napoleons memory called #Napoleonsheroes is set up through Streetdog Foundation. Donations can be made directly to Streetdog Foundation HERE

Why 'Napoleaon's Heroes'?
Napoleons Heroes was the name of group text that was set up in response to the many people that offered their pup for a blood donation. This was incredibly kind and there are so many dogs that can be possible donors in the future to help others. This Program is to ensure Streetdogs blood types (Positive or Negative) are tested, identified, tracked and documented. The dogs blood types will be kept in their file for possible life saving blood transfusions. The blood types will also be kept in a main data base at Grace Animal Hospital. In addition, Grace Animal Hospital is offering this service (blood type testing) to anyone wishing to have their dog type matched.

Did you know...
Unless you specifically request your dog’s blood type be tested it is not done on routine labs. There is currently a lack of (shortage) of blood available in the Mid-South in the event a dog needs a blood transfusion for emergency medical treatment. There is a need for canine blood typing to expedite the time that it takes for a dog to receive a blood transfusion. It is estimated that 40% of dogs have Positive blood types and 60% have negative blood types.

Napoleons Story is one of joy, happiness and a pup who had a heart of gold who will be missed but never forgotten.

Napoleon: 7/22/2013 (rescue date) – 1/14/2019"