Monk Pays Debt to Society

We’ve raised enough money for Monk's bail! He’s free! The judge has let him off with a light sentence because we promised to enroll him in positive reinforcement training (his first session shown below). And any extra money raised for his bail will be used to help other Streetdogs like Monk! Thank you so much for following along on Monk's Caper and for supporting both Monk and the Streetdog Foundation!

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Monk Sentenced for Crime Spree

So now we know HOW Monk landed himself in jail, but what are we to do next? We love Monk and can’t stand the thought of him rotting behind bars! We are committed to posting his bail and enrolling him in a canine criminal rehabilitation program, so that he can be the best dog ever. Will you help us in this endeavor? To donate to Monk's bail fund, please follow this link:

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MPD Halts Day Long Crime Spree

While at the Rhodes security station, it was discovered that Monk was a criminal at large and was wanted on several crimes across the city! It was their only choice but to hand him over to the Memphis police department, who took over the case from there. It has been reported that Monk briefly resisted arrest, but then got too excited at the prospect of a car ride, & finally went willingly with MPD officers. Stay tuned for the last of this story, and to donate to Monk's bail fund, please follow this link:

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Monk Nabbed by Campus Safety!

As Monk finished his last bit of graffiti, a member of the Rhodes campus security detail pulled up and was horrified at the graffiti. They took him down to the security station to assess the damage. Stay tuned for the remainder of Monk's Caper, and to donate to Monk's bail fund, please follow this link:

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Monk's Vandalizes Gothic Architecture

So now we’re all wondering what incident finally got Monk locked up in jail. Was it providing alcohol to a minor? Was it stealing a car or robbing a store? Or was it solicitation on a streetcorner?

Actually, none of the above! After his morning’s activities, Monk decided to take a break on the Rhodes College campus. But looking around at the beautiful stone exterior, Monk made a terrible decision….he decided to leave his mark on the campus! Stay tuned for the remainder of Monk's Caper, and to donate to Monk's bail fund, please follow this link:

#sdfMonk #MonksCaper (7/11).

Monk Busted for Solicitation!

Just when we thought it couldn’t get any worse, more victims have come forward to tell their stories of Monk's escapades! Two “ladies of the night” have just come forward and stated that Monk solicited them for their services and offered to pay them with the duck feet he stole from Hollywood Feed! We didn’t think our Monk could stoop so low, but once again footage from a neighbor’s camera has shown that Monk was indeed involved in this incident! (Once again, viewer discretion is advised: the following image may be disturbing to some viewers).

Stay tuned for more details as we have them, and to donate to Monk's bail fund, please follow this link:

 #sdfMonk#MonksCaper (6/10).

[Side note: the lovely “ladies” pictured below are not actually prostitutes, and are #adoptable! (Bikini tops not included in adoption fee…) #sdfEgyptSisters

Monk Robbed Hollywood Feed!

More Memphis citizens have come forward to tell us about their involvement in Monk's crime spree! Two Hollywood Feed employees report that they were the victims of an armed robbery this morning, and that the suspect is none other than Streetdog’s Monk! The employees report that Monk came into the store around 10 AM, held up a Nerf gun, and asked for all of the duck feet in the bin and several giant bones. In complete shock and fear of Nerf guns, the employees complied.

Camera footage from the store caught the below image of the scene (viewer discretion advised: may be disturbing to some viewers). Stay tuned for more details as we have them, and to donate to Monk's bail fund, please follow this link: 

#sdfMonk #MonksCaper (5/11)

Monk Stole a Car!

We’ve just heard that Monk stole a car! He was spotted driving through Midtown in a red van. Pictured below is traffic cam footage of the incident. We’re not sure how he can both reach the pedals and see over the steering wheel, so if you see the below vehicle- be careful and steer clear! Stay tuned for more details as we have them, and to donate to Monk's bail fund, please follow this link: 

#sdfMonk  #MonksCaper (4/11)

Streetdog's Monk Arrested for Corrupting a Minor!

Monk's first victim has just come forward… Apparently his first crime was corrupting a minor! Little puppy Lola was just minding her own business and playing with toys when Monk came by one afternoon and offered her a drink of something much larger and stronger than she is! Little Lola giggled and hiccoughed as she gave her witness testimony, but medical experts say she will sober up just fine. She has also promised to stay away from Monk and alcohol (Seriously though, please don’t ever give alcohol to dogs!), but we still don’t know exactly what happened next on Monk's crime spree... 

Stay tuned for details as we have them, and to donate to Monks bail fund, please follow this link:

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Bail Monk out of Jail!

Monk is in jail! We don’t know the details yet, but Monk has been arrested after a crime spree across Memphis! We know that Monk is a good dog at heart, so we’d like to post his bail as soon as possible! To donate to Monk's bail fund, please follow this link:

We will continue to provide updates as we have them!

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Breaking News! Streetdog's Monk Arrested!

#BREAKING news from anchor Kristin Tallent regarding Streetdog’s own, Monk! Stay tuned today for the entire story as we learn the details. 



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#IStreetdog: Bailey Hart

I started volunteering with Streetdog over the summer of 2015 and had no idea how much my life would change. On July 20, I met a dog named Brody. He was curled up in the back of his kennel while all the others were barking. I approached his kennel and he lifted his head, showing no emotion. I walked in and sat with him, he moved his head over to my lap and let out a big sigh. In the weeks following I sat with him almost daily, bringing him toys and treats. He wasn't physically hurt but he was heartbroken. On September 17th, I took Brody home for the weekend to meet my family and two small dogs. He liked my parents and my grandmother but wasn't sure about my dogs, so we kept everyone separated that weekend. I brought him back that Sunday and it tore me apart. I came home and felt like the house was empty. My parents agreed that I could foster him over Thanksgiving break. He was with us for a week and got to know my family and my dogs. He and my Scottie, LuLu became best friends. The night I brought him back I came home and my mom was waiting for me and told me that she couldn't stand that Brody went back to boarding. On December 8th I brought Body home for good.

Being only 17 I was more concerned with going out with friends but after having Brody that one weekend, I know I not only wanted him but needed him. I not only rescued Brody from his depression, he rescued me. Streetdog has made me want to be a better person than the person I was the day before. Volunteering with Streetdog has made me realize that patience is key, love is all you need, and there is some good left in the world. I couldn't imagine waking up without Brody lying next to me tapping my face with his paw because he's ready to go play with his foster sister. Streetdog is a family that supports one another no matter what. Watching a dog that was abused, neglected, and unloved turn into a loving, family dog is beautiful.

"Saving one dog won't change the world, but surely for that dog the world has changed forever."

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We always say that we could not do what we do without our volunteers.  We thought it was time to highlight some of their stories not only so that we can thank them for the countless hours they spend making Streetdog Foundation what it is, but so that you can get to know us a little better.  You can read these stories every Monday and search for them at #IStreetdog.

Our first story is about someone very dear to all of us, the one and only Mavis Estes. 

Although she grew up with cats, Mavis Estes has always been a dog person. Around 2010 she read a newspaper article about Streetdog Foundation. She showed the article to her business partner (and in her words “special friend”) Bob. Their wholesale seed business had its own brand of dog food and Bob suggested they start making a monthly donation of food to SDF. 

“Bob was a big dog person,” Mavis says. “So I called [SDF founder] Melanie and they got a whole bunch in their trailer. And that’s how it got started.”

In 2012, Bob died and Mavis fell into what she called “a funk.” 

“He was the love of my life. After he died, all I did was go to work and come home. I didn’t go anywhere. I didn’t do anything other than that.”

When a friend pushed her to get out of the house she decided to get more involved with Streetdog Foundation and things started looking up. 

“What really got me out of my funk was all these great young people who are so smart and so sincere and dedicated. When I started meeting everyone I thought, “Where have I been?” That just made my life and it still does.”

Since then Mavis has gone from simply attending adoption days to becoming an indispensible part of the volunteer team. She serves on the board of directors, handles the merchandise and is almost always available to cart dogs, crates and supplies in her truck. But her favorite thing is meeting the dogs, especially when she gets to meet them upon intake, when they first become Streetdogs and their lives turn around.

The first dog she ever met on intake was Tilly Aston (now adopted), who arrived with an eye infection so severe it required removal. A few years later Mavis would meet another one-eyed Streetdog, Betty Boop. With three dogs of her own, who often accompany her to work, Mavis had never fostered or adopted. But then she sadly had to say goodbye to one of her babies, Red Dog.

“I met Betty on a Saturday and that Monday I had to have Red put to sleep. And I just felt a connection to her.”

Recently Betty Boop went on an “adventure” that sent the whole Streetdog Foundation family out looking for her. With all hands on deck she was quickly recovered and although her adoption is not official yet, her joyful reunion with Mavis makes it clear she’s where she belongs. 

“Every day I thank Streetdog and everybody in it,” Mavis says.

The feeling is most definitely mutual!

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Saving Isaac

For the last several weeks, we have been working collaboratively with several rescue groups to rescue a group of 4 dogs on S. Third Street. Initially, we were considering a trap and other options, but quickly learned that we needed a different approach. Volunteers had been working to gain this dog's trust. A man named Jim had been tracking the group’s movements for days.

We spoke to Jim and he agreed to continue working to gain their trust. A man who lived in the area let Jim know that Isaac was in an abandoned apartment. When Jim arrived, Isaac no longer had the strength to run. Maybe he went into that apartment to give up?

Jim rushed Isaac to our vet. Right now, we know that he has mange, is severely emaciated, and has open wounds. Many of you may remember Monk, a severe mange case from 2013. Poor Isaac is in a similar state. We won’t know for a couple of days how severe his condition is. Have his organs begun to shut down? Does he have heartworms?

Honestly, we anticipate that he will have a severe case of heartworms, but we are hopeful that we got him before the mange infected his bloodstream and caused organ failure. Our amazing vet and his staff are working to get him comfortable for now. In the days ahead, he will need daily medicated scrubs and baths. He is very skinny and will have to be fed many small meals each day to regain his strength. He will need dental care to fix the teeth that were broken as he ate rocks to try to fill his empty stomach, and he will need ear surgery to fix an old injury. There may be other things that we find along the way, but we are committed to doing whatever it takes.

We will continue to post updates about Isaac’s progress. His recovery will be long, but we are hopeful, that like Monk, he will make a full recovery and have a wonderful future with a loving family. Streetdog Foundation is committed to getting him healthy. Please continue to follow his journey and if you feel compelled, donate to his care here.

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Screening of The Champions Benefiting Streetdog Foundation

Join us March 31 at 6 pm at the Malco Paradiso for a screening of The Champions (see a description of the movie below).  A percentage of the proceeds will be donated to Streetdog Foundation.   Hope to see you there!  For tickets, go here.

The Champions is an inspirational story about the pit bulls rescued from the brutal fighting ring of former Atlanta Falcon’s star quarterback Michael Vick, and the organizations who risked everything to save them, despite pressure from PETA and The Humane Society of the United States to euthanize the dogs. It is a story of second-chances, redemption and hope. This uplifting documentary takes us on a journey about much more than just dogs—about prejudice, being misunderstood, the power of resilience, and the significance of the relationship we as humans have with animals. Featuring the lifesaving work of Best Friends Animal Society. Watch the trailer here:

Streetdog Blog-Munchkin Is Memphis Recap

Munchkin has been looking for his forever home for far too long.  He is energetic, gets along well with the 3 other dogs in his foster home, loves to go for walks and runs, loves car rides and is a champion snuggler!  We think he is the best and we want to find the perfect forever home for him.  

He recently took us on a tour of Memphis to show us how much of a hometown dog he is. If you are interested in adding this amazing guy to your pack, click on Adopt to fill out an application. 

Guess who is back to show us around Memphis? ‪#‎sdfMunchkin‬! Stay tuned for daily updates on his big adventure! ‪#‎MunchkinIsMemphis‬

Now is the time. Memphis is the place. Munchkin is the dog.‪#‎chooseMunchkin‬ ‪#‎MunchkinIsMemphis‬

Next stop on the ‪#‎MunchkinIsMemphis‬ tour-Elvis of course! ‪#‎sdfMunchkin‬wanted to stop in and pay his respects to the King. Thank you, thank you very much! ‪#‎chooseMunchkin‬ ‪#‎PitBullFridays‬

‪#‎sdfMunchkin‬ is headed to Beale Street today to hear some great live music and to say hi to his buddies at Silky O'Sullivan's. He and the goat are going to enjoy a diver on that lovely patio! Hopefully he will run into his new forever family too. ‪#‎MunchkinIsMemphis‬ ‪#‎ChooseMunchkin‬

Munchkin has been enjoying the beautiful weather this week on his tour of Memphis. Today he went to Sun Studios to record his new song "Streetdog Blues". He has an amazing foster family who has taught him how to be loved, but he is still searching for that perfect forever home. ‪#‎sdfMunchkin‬‪#‎MunchkinIsMemphis‬ ‪#‎ChooseMunchkin‬ ‪#‎adoptable‬

Munchkin is the star of the show today.  His foster mom says that his cuddles are the best, so he wins Best Snuggler in a Lead Role!  

Want to meet this hunky guy?  Head over to and fill out an application.

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Munchkin wants to be sure that all of his potential adopters know that he is a Grizzlies fan!  He loves to watch games every chance he gets and don't tell anyone, but he is a serious Zach Randolph fan! Who  doesn't love a pittie lover like Zach?

If you are his ultimate fan, Munchkin will love you forever!

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Munchkin is at the park ready to go for a run, a long walk, or some playtime.  This handsome guy loves to be active, but he is just as good at settling in for a movie with his people. 

Munchkin needs a forever home.  If you are interested in adopting him, fill out an application at

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Munchkin loves car rides and road trips!  Maybe he can join you for your next adventure?

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Need a marathon training partner? Munchkin is ready to go!  The St. Jude marathon is just 9 months away!

#MunchkinIsMemphis #ChooseMunchkin #sdfMunchkin #adoptable

Starring our very own Munchkin, here is his new video for "Streetdog Blues".

Let's find this amazing guy a forever family!

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Munchkin is having a midnight snack.  If you love BBQ as much as he does, you should consider making him a part of your regular snack routine!  

#MunchkinIsMemphis #ChooseMunchkin #sdfMunchkin #adoptable

Welcome to the new Streetdog Foundation website!

We have been hard at work improving our website to make it easier to submit applications, make donations, and see wonderful photos of our amazing dogs.  We hope you enjoy the new site!



And just in time for the new year, the #sdfstarwarspups are now ready for adoption!  Click on the adopt tab to submit your application!