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AJ - On Adoption Trial


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AJ's Story

Found out in a field as a pup by one of our younger volunteers...AJ was kid friendly from the get go. He loves to play, so he welcomes other pups to run and play with… And he tested cat friendly too! Don’t have another dog? AJ is great in doggy daycare… and is extremely social. He is that kid on the playground that makes sure everyone is having a good time and is not just left on the sidelines.

AJ is deaf, so most sounds don’t affect him. While he will gauge his moves off of the reactions and energy of his fur friends, unless he can feel the impact of sound, he’s happily able to sleep like a log.

Using hand cues with AJ is easy, and he’s super smart and responsive! He is potty trained, crate trained, understands the concept of a toy basket, and a snuggle bug with peeps and pups!

If you missed it earlier, this future Grizzlies superstar won the Puppy Race Paws down and left every other wannabe at the starting line! He has street cred, star cred, and share cred...
and he’d love to cuddle up on a foster bed.

AJ's story: "Hi there! I'm AJ a spunky little puppy that was dumped into an empty pasture once my owner's discovered that I was deaf. Lucky for me, I stumbled upon the cutest little one-year-old who loves doggies and has a mom that had the ultimate hook up with Streetdog Foundation! We spent the week looking for my owners and putting up flyers but no one called to claim me so here I am now!! I've been learning all sorts of sign language commands and practicing walking on a leash too. I love to have brunch on patios with other puppy friends too. I'm great with kids, get along great with cats and love to meet new people and get out on the town. I'm also a little lover and snuggler too when its time for naps. I was born around June of 2017 so I'm still very young and very much looking forward to continuing to learn all about the good life and meet my favorite forever family - and rest assured, even though I cannot hear you, that doesn't slow me down one little bit - I'm just as smart and adorable as ever!"

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