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America - On Adoption Trial


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America's Story

America was rescued in early March. She was nearly bald from mange and appeared to be extremely pregnant. Once we got her to the vet we discovered she wasn't pregnant, but had a severe and life-threatening infection in her uterus! She had surgery to remove the infection and has been doing much better ever since.

Despite all she's been through, America is sugary sweet. She's met a kitty and other pups and gotten along fine with them. Soon her mange will be cleared up and she'll be in the market for a forever home!

America is happiest when she gets to hang out with other dogs. Her foster schedules play dates with her best dog friends, two huge hound dogs, and she plays and cuddles with them for hours! America also loves snuggling with her humans - she just adores being showered with attention.

America’s foster says “She is mostly house trained and working on commands such as sit, shake and stay. She loves to play with toys, with other dogs and run hot laps with a toy in her mouth first thing in the morning. She identifies as a country dog and takes occasional snoozes in a grassy patch outside. She asks to go to bed at night by crying by my bed and sleeps with her head on my pillow and sometimes a paw over me. Favorite things are playing with other dogs and curling up beside them for an afternoon nap. She truly is a puppy with puppy energy!”

Medical Update

3/24/18: America felt good enough to spend some time outside yesterday! She even was seeking out some love. That’s a huge step since earlier this week she seemed pretty shut down. But as you all know, it’s just one day at a time. Recovery is going well and she’ll remain on antibiotics for several more days to clear up her infection.

4/2/18: GOOD NEWS!! America went to an amazing foster home over the weekend! She’s having a wonderful time playing, napping and is quite fascinated with watching television

We are loving the quick recovery of this amazing babe! Isn’t her coat coming in beautifully?!

4/16/18: America scored a foster last week and she is doing very well! She gets baths every 3 days to cure her mange and this isn't her favorite, but she looks so much better!

Click below for video of America's rescue!

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