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Babar Bear


Male  🔸  Dog Friendly 🔸    House Broken 🔸 Crate Trained 🔸 Not a Fan of Kitties  Last Weigh-in 55.6

Foster Update: Babar is NOT a show dog. He is clumsy, he makes derpy faces more than not, he loves to chomp on ice, has zero grace, when he lays down he just plops, he rolls off beds and licking water off your hands is a pastime. He is like a cartoon where you can hear the brakes screeching before he thuds into the wall during an energy spurt. He loves to play with human friends (hide and seek is his favorite) and even more with pup friends. Babar will play hard for 20 minutes and then drop like a stone and sleep for hours. He is totally chill in his crate all day but then acts like he just won the puppy lottery when let out in the most amusing way.

He sleeps with me and my two dogs, at night, sans crate perfectly. Haven’t tested him with children yet but he is so even keeled I have no doubt he will do great. He saw a little kitty outside the window and was overly interested so we think maybe best without cats. He was neutered in May and has completed heart-worm treatment. Healthy as can be! If we did not have 4 dogs this boy would be mine! He really does need at least one companion pup. Anyone that ends up with this precious boy will be so lucky! 100% pure enjoyable entertainment!

This video was taken 24 hours after going into his foster home. Prior to this he would linger in a corner by himself. Now, happy as a clam!

Babar Bear’s Story

Meet Babar Bear! Late 2018 Streetdog was informed of a family living on the streets of Memphis. While there were originally 9 puppies plus Mom & Dad it seemed there were only 4 of the puppies remaining with Mom & Dad. We snatched up the hairless little puppies (#sdfBabyElephants) right away and treated them for heavy mange. Mom & Dad, now #sdfRella & #sdfBabarBear, were much more street savvy and elusive. Took a bit of time but in January 2019, with a little bit of luck, a lot of patience and some Pirtles Chicken, our vigilant volunteers were finally able to pick the pair up.

Babar and Rella will need to be spayed/neutered and were found to be positive for heartworms & ehrlichia  (a tick-borne disease). We’re going to get them all fixed up just like their babies and ready for their forever homes!

Medical Update: Babar Bear has completed Heartworm treatment and been neutered.

Behaviors not listed have yet to be tested.

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