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Barkley's Story

Hiya folks! I'm Barkley, the adorably perfect Beagle boy. I've been living on the streets for many years now. My coat was matted and dingy, my teeth were in terrible shape and I had a tumor growing on my hiney that was causing me great distress. One day I found myself in the presence of a lady who was interested in helping get me to safety. She couldn't offer me anything long term, but as luck would have it, Streetdog really wanted a handsome and dapper beagle in their ranks - I hear that some of their volunteers are a little hound crazy ;) I saw the vet, got my tumor removed, got a much needed dental and was all fixed up with shots and a neuter. The tumor results came back all clear so I don't have to worry about that anymore either.

Doc determined that I'm about 7 years old, and I'm proving to be such a good boy in my new foster home. I am heartworm positive and have started treatment for that but I'm not letting that get me down. I love my new tiny human companion, I love the adult humans, I love the cats, and I even have a female beagle lady friend that I get to hang out with in this foster home too! Sometimes when I see her I think I'm staring in a mirror because we look so much alike! She's super cute obviously.

Anyways, it was really great to introduce myself to you all today and I'm hoping that one of you just might be my perfect forever family, because even though I spent most of my life on the streets, I'm already quite used to this indoor pet life and can't wait to spend it with you!


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