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Boz's Story

I was wandering the streets alone and hungry when a kind man approached me and asked if I wanted some food. At first I paid him little attention because humans in the past had not been kind to me. But he kept talking to me and just patiently followed but kept enough distance so I didn't feel the need to run. Temptation got the better of me and I got close enough to the tall man to discover that he had food and boy was I hungry. I accepted the food and again he waited patiently for me to finish eating. After that he offered me a ride where he took me to his home which was filled with other dogs, food, beds and toys!!

I love to lick, smile and go for walks. I have a sharp nose and love for you to scratch my belly!I am so thankful for this temporary home but am ready to find my forever home and owners! Could that be you?


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