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Bugatti's Story

Bugatti is a very special case. Bugatti was the original rescue mission when we brought in Mercedes and Beamer. He had a collar very deeply embedded in his neck and was in desperate need of a life off of the streets. He wasn't too sure about us at first though. Judging by the crop job of his ears and the state his collar was in, its probable that no human has ever treated Bugatti very well. So a special team of volunteers and dedicated staff at our vet have been spending time helping Bugatti learn to trust. Each day, he shows us a bit of his personality. He's been hanging out in boarding, but we think it is time to introduce you to this handsome buddy and make some special requests on his behalf.

Bugatti needs a foster home. He needs a special place where he can continue to heal and learn that some humans are good. He is still very shy and hesitant when you first meet him so he would do best in a home where he is the only animal. He would also benefit from someone who has fostered or had hard cases before - who can accept his initial hesitance and work with him at his pace to help him open up and blossom. A good steady routine would be nice with not a lot of traffic coming and going, at least in the beginning. Working with cases like Bugatti can be hard, but very rewarding, especially when he finally gives you his sweet heartmelting smile!

He's a 3 year old Staffordshire/Pitty mix, with a full life left to live - happy, healthy and loved in his forever home! If you would like to be part of Bugatti's journey, please fill out a foster application on our website so we can get started in introducing this boy to life in a real home!

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