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Cannoli’s Story

PUPDATE: PASTRY PUPS (Cannoli and Biscotti)

Last week Doc consulted with a neurologist at the University of Tennessee regarding the twitching that Cannoli and Biscotti are experiencing. She said that she would not do further testing on the pups until they are six months old (they are about 10 weeks old now). At that time, she suggests that we conduct an MRI scan to determine if there will be anything more that can be done to help alleviate the tremors.
The fantastic news is that the prognosis for Biscotti and Cannoli is good and they can live healthy lives!! The official diagnosis is called Cerebellar Hypoplasia. This condition is caused when the cerebellum (the part of the brain that regulates movement) is inadequately developed. Issues with motor function and coordination (tremors) are the result. The neurologist thinks that they likely had atrophy of the cerebellum in utero. Their mom may have had an infection or ingested something poisonous while she was pregnant. 
THANK YOU all for your love, support, and prayers - it means so much to us to have such a great pack of supporters! And thank you for your patience while our medical team worked on a diagnosis. 💜💛
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Cannoli and her brother, Biscotti , were brought to our friends at an emergency center on May 17th after being rescued off the street. Both were experiencing a neurological event that caused their little bodies to shake uncontrollably. Luckily, after having a full blood panel run, we can say that they do not have distemper. They are both being treated with steroids and antibiotics, as they have an elevated white blood cell count. We still aren’t sure what is causing the symptoms, but Doc suspects that it may be some form of demyelination, meaning their neurons are communicating 100% effectively. This is what could possibly be causing abnormal muscle tone and their movements. We will continue doing everything we can to find the cause.

In the meantime, some of our volunteers who are occupational therapists visited them Saturday morning to assess how they could help control the tremor symptoms. They tried on some compression vests to try and help alleviate their symptoms and even got some hands-on therapy. These two worked hard and did a fantastic job! Despite the severity of their movements, they are the happiest puppies and love being held.

Our sweet pups are spunky as ever! They have been getting plenty of exercise from chasing all the feet around all day. Cannoli, our little lady, is moving slightly better which was great to see! We are going to do everything we can to help these pups move normally. But, for now, they are extremely happy pups and are otherwise healthy!. As soon as they are healthy and cleared by the Doc, they will be ready for their forever homes! In the meantime, enjoy the videos and pictures of these cute, wiggly puppy booties!

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