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Carl Perkins


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Carl Perkins' Story

Carl was born on 6/26/2016 when his mom Marie was rescued off the street and soon discovered to be pregnant.

Carl is the goofiest teenage boy around.

The bonds he forms with other dogs are powerful and he relies on them to make him feel safe and happy. There has never been a time where he hasn't lived with at least 2 other female dogs. The females currently ruling his life are a German Shepherd, a little pitty, and his littermate, Carla Thomas. Even when Carl is exhausted from a day at the dog park or doggie daycare, he still plays/argues with his sisters loudly all whilst laying down. Carl is an expressive boy, and when he decides he likes another dog it is apparent immediately. It would be ideal for Carl to go to a home with a confident dog(s) who loves to play and would enjoy living that 'pack life.'

Carl values his playtime outside just as much as his time with his canine buddies. His foster keep him busy with trips to the dog park, leash walks and daycare every week. She says he's one of the best off-leash dogs she's have ever had, always making sure he can see her regardless of what other exciting things are going on. He's been on hikes, fishing trips (not his favorite, but he is slowly learning to love it), and camping. He is not a great swimmer, but give him the chance to hop around in the water, and he will take it.

Carl is just as expressive with humans as he is with his canine buddies. If he loves you and trusts you, he wants you to know it. Young, loud children scare him sometimes, so it would be best for him to be in a home with older, dog savvy kids.

Carl's forever home will need to have a sturdy fence, long term companion dog(s) to play all day with(preferably female), no small children, lots of tennis balls and bones, and active, loving humans.

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