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Chester Morton - On Adoption Trial


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Chester Morton’s Story

“I was all alone, snuggled up to a fire hydrant in someone's front yard, when a nice man came over and picked me up. I was so weak and dehydrated, I wasn't moving much, but he noticed me because I was wearing a fancy blue plaid bow tie. The nice man took me into his house, gave me water, food and a cool place to sleep. People tried for weeks to find my family or anyone that might have put the pretty bow tie on me, but no one had any luck. I am about 9 weeks old and a lab/shepherd mix. I'm getting all of my puppy shots and learning my puppy manners in a foster home where I have lots of other furry foster siblings to play with and to teach me. I love other pups, and kids. I'm young enough so that I would probably be ok with kitties as well too. 

My favorite thing to do after a long day of playing is take a nap in someone's lap. Streetdog Foundation is going to keep an eye on me as a I grow up and start looking for my forever family. So if a sweet and fluffy little love bug is what you've been looking for, then I am your pup!“

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