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Male  🔸  Prefers to be the Only Pup  🔸 House Broken 🔸 Crate Trained

Chunk’s Story

“I was found hanging in a grassy area near some lakes where I had been living on my own. It was very hot, there were a lot of bug and some other dogs that hung out in the area. None of us had any people friends. I was occasionally finding some garbage cans to rummage through but nothing substantial. I got really really thin and weak. One really hot day, I was so hungry and so weak that I had almost given up, when a gentleman showed up and swooped in to save me right on time.

He took me home with him. Now, I'll be honest, I wasn't so sure about him at first. And i wasn't sure about his other dogs and the way there were living, all domesticated and well-behaved. It seemed weird. But things started looking up. I went to the vet - it was horrible, they poked and prodded me. ;) i had to get heartworm treatment too, and I had to get neutered after that. I didn't hold that against my foster for too long though.

All while I was getting healthy, I was learning about being an indoor dog, manners, potty training, crate training, long walks on a leash, and TRICKS! I can do so many cool tricks. I like to show them off too.

Overall I'm a pretty charming fella, looking for some forever love preferably in a home with no other animals. I like to be the center of attention. I would love an owner with lots of energy and time to spend with me working on my tricks, walking and going on adventures. I'm about 3 years old and ready to meet you!”

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