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Cindy Lou Who - On Adoption Trial


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Cindy Lou Who's Story

Not long ago, this sweet Beagle/heeler mix, Cindy Lou Who, was picked up off the streets after being neglected and on her own for much of her life. She was slow to trust but eventually people won her over with kindness and lots of treats. She was temporarily in a home situation that didn't work out once they discovered that she was pregnant!! 

So, our wonderful vet and staff confirmed the news of her pregnancy and asked for Streetdog's help for her and her pups moving forward! Cindy Lou has been under vet care and supervision for many weeks now through her pregnancy and on December 14, 2017 she gave birth to this beautiful litter of little Whoville puppies!! So once again, we have Christmas babies! ❤️💚

Medical Update

1/21/18: Cindy has been doing a LOT better! We have adjusted her meds now that per pups are all weaned and her GI issues are under much better control! Unfortunately, during her workup for her GI troubles, we discovered that Cindy had a previous spinal (sacral/coccyx) fracture near her tail that caused her to have some difficulty with controlling her bowels from nerve damage, similar to a spinal cord injury. Now we have resolved her GI issues, but she still doesn't have great control with that function and it has rendered her tail "dead" or immobile. Her tail will need to be docked at some point for functional purposes, but is not contributing to her problems or causing her pain for now.

3/1/18: Cindy Lou Who has officially gotten all of her pups into their forever homes and is waiting on her shot! She was recently spayed and ended up having her tail amputated as well. Due to a previous spinal injury from likely being hit by a car, Cindy's tail was essentially dead and was pulling on her back and nerves. We don't think it was necessarily causing her pain, but it wasn't comfortable either and she was unable to lift it for typically doggy functions 💩She is doing much better with managing her needs when it comes to going potty as well. Because of the nerve damage, she doesn't have complete control, but does well in her foster home, and Doc assures us that it is 100% manageable! Let's help this mama find her perfect home!

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