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Easton - On Adoption Trial


Male - Dog Friendly - Cat Friendly

Easton's Story

Easton was found by a volunteer who was on their way to grace. He was on East Georgia St and Danny Thomas in front of an apartment building digging through trash around a dumpster. He came relatively willingly to the volunteer, but was pretty shy of the new person. A couple of men who lived in the apartment building said they had been feeding him for the last couple of months after he was hit by a car on Danny Thomas. They helped the volunteer get this boy into the car and he was off to Grace.

He doesn't have any apparent injuries from his accident, other than scars. At one point, it was pretty nasty based on those. But Doc says he doesn't let it affect him at all! Easton is just under a year and will be neutered soon. He is sugar sweet now that he knows that people have treats and nice pets and warm beds! He loved meeting other pups and did well with the kitty too! No more dumpster diving for you, sweet boy!

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