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Easton - Foster Needed


Male  🔸  Dog Friendly  🔸  Cat Friendly 🔸 Last weigh-in: 38.4 lbs

Easton’s Story

Easton was found by a volunteer who was on their way to grace. He was on East Georgia St and Danny Thomas in front of an apartment building digging through trash around a dumpster. He came relatively willingly to the volunteer but was pretty shy of the new person. A couple of men who lived in the apartment building said they had been feeding him for the last couple of months after he was hit by a car on Danny Thomas. They helped the volunteer get this boy into the car and he was off to the vet. Easton fully recovered from his accident and just has a few minor scars that make him look pretty awesome in front of all the lady pups 

Easton rejoined the Streetdog adoptable pack this past month and is couch surfing, playing with his furry foster brothers and sisters and is enjoying life while we help search for his perfect forever family. Easton loves to eat, play with toys, run and run and run and most importantly, he loves to love. He's about 1.5 - 2 years old, good with all people, dogs, and doesn't mind kitties either. He is sure to keep any lucky family smiling and laughing with his fun-loving personality!

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