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Echo - Foster Needed


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Echo is looking for a foster home! If you can give Echo a cozy place to spend the winter while she gets healthy and looks for her forever home, please put in a foster application!

Echo’s Story

Echo was born on the street to feral parents. She started out as part of a litter of nine but only four remain. They came to us underweight, full of worms and nearly naked from mange.

They've been dewormed, gotten their shots and started medicated baths to get rid of the mange. They're getting proper meals and lots and lots of love. Echo also had an abscess on her hiney, likely due to a bite from a dog or another animal, that needed treatment.

Several of our social media followers said they look just like baby elephants so we named them accordingly!

Echo is named the first subject of the Amboseli Elephant Research Project (Amboseli Trust for Elephants) and was the longest running study of a land mammal - she and her family contributed significantly in the understanding of elephants.

Click “additional info” below to see video of the pups during and after their rescue!

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